Please read the following to answer the most commonly asked questions.

How QuizJockey Works

QuizJockey is designed to be hosted as a live virtual event, ideally using video, such as Zoom or Google Meet AND the QuizJockey website.

The Quizmaster (or QuizJockey) will read out questions to the video audience and the question will immediately appear on the QuizJockey screen for you to answer.

This game is played as a 2-window or screen experience. You will need to have open both QuizJockey in a browser window, and the video open. Communication with your team regarding answers will be done through the QuizJockey chat. Questions will be asked aloud through the video (Zoom etc.).

Before the quiz begins players form into teams of one or more. You can either create your own or join someone else's. Please ask before joining another team.

Team members can each sign up independently if physically separate, or can share a single session on a shared computer if physically together.

When answering questions as a team anyone can answer and others will see the answer given. Use the chat feature after selecting 'My Team' to discuss answers between yourselves.

Should someone arrive after the quiz has begun they can still join an existing team.

A quiz consists of one or more rounds of questions. Each round is anywhere from 5 to 20 questions and is hosted by the current QuizJockey.

The QuizJockey can see answers in real time, but doesn't know which team gave which answer until after the round has finished.

Answers can be changed at any time up until the round has been ended by the QuizJockey. If you are falling behind, or an answer doesn't immediately occur to you, you still have some time to go back and change your answer.

Questions, and answers, may include a photo. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it. For multiple choice answers which include photos click on the left or the right of the enlarged photo to scroll through all possible answers.

If at least 3 teams get a free format question wrong, and no one gets it right, then the QuizJockey can choose to Boomerang a question. It will be sent back to players as a multiple choice question, with the correct answer mixed in with all the wrong answers previously provided.

New rounds can be hosted by the same QuizJockey or the role can be passed to another contestant.

If the QuizJockey role is shared then each QuizJockey can still take part in the Quiz. Either the rest of the team can answer their round of questions, or if no one in the team answers, then the QuizJockey's team will receive a score equal to the average score for that round.

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