QuizJockey was developed by myself, Michael Birch, in May 2020 during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual quizzing has proven a hugely popular way of connecting friends and relatives, usually being held over a video call.

The inspiration for QuizJockey is traditional pub quizzes, consisting of multiple teams answering multiple rounds of questions. The primary twist, other than being designed to be played over video, is that multiple people can be QuizJockey, each person hosting one or more rounds of questions. QJ's can also partake in the quiz themselves.

Rounds of questions are made up by users. Once you have taken a quiz you can copy rounds from the quiz to your own collection of rounds, to then use with other friends and family. Popular rounds will pass from person to person, and be credited back to the original creator.

Developing this site has been driven by the desire to create a wonderful shared experience for those separated during this crisis, and driven in no small part by my desire to have something to do myself!

Happy Quizzing and stay safe.